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Jean-Baptiste Pierre Antoine de Monet, Chevalier de Lamarck

born 1.8.1744 in Bazentin-le-Petit (northern France) as the youngest of 11 children

went to Jesuit seminary in Amiens

1761-1766 service in the army (dropped out after an accident)

1766-1771 studied medicine and botany in Paris

1778 "Flore Française" was published (by the support of Buffon), which included a new reliable
       determination key for plants

1779 appointment to the Academy of Science

1780/1781 tour through Europe to visit gardens and museums

1788 appointment for professorship for botany

1793 appointment for professorship for insects and worms at the 'Jardin des Plantes' in Paris (later
       Musèe National d'Histoire Naturelle)
 * here introduction of the word "invertèbres"
 * publications about invertebrate animals, palaeontology, physics und meteorolog

first use of the word "biology" by Lamarck

married and widowed four times

since 1812 slow blindness

20.12.1829 death in Paris as relatively poor man


Lamarcks evolutionary theory


His work on fossils caused him to believe that living beings changed in the course of history. He was convinced that new species develop actively from existing species. 1809 his book "Philosophie zoologique" was published, which states his evolutionary theory. To his opinion, an environmental change caused a slow change of species. Use would cause a structure to increase in size over several generations, whereas disuse would cause it to shrink or even disappear. Those acquired features could be inherited. (Lamarckism).





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                  Source: http://www.bautz.de/bbkl/l/Lamarck.shtml




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